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The climbing wall opened in autumn 2015.
A climbing wall is an artificial structure that imitates the relief of a rock (rock climbing simulator). Climbing is good for training the body, dealing with stress and developing memory. On the one hand, it involves many muscle groups and serves as a full-fledged workout, on the other hand, it forces you to think through each interception and solve coordination problems.
The climbing wall is created by fixing special hooks on vertical and inclined walls. This is an interesting pastime for both adults and children. On such structures, you can do rock climbing for speed, difficulty and bouldering (passing short difficult routes without insurance).
We do not divide rock climbing into a sport of high achievements, keeping fit, an amateur fan and a children's sports section - we combine all areas, providing you with a powerful coaching staff, an excellent material and technical base and a positive thermonuclear charge to boot.

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