Climbing Wall

High climbing wall with a height of 15 meters. bouldering area. The total climbing area is more than  1150 m2 . Large workout area. Equipment rental. Experienced instructors and trainers who are active climbers and mountaineers themselves.

Why should I climb?

1.Cooler than fitness.
Climbing is alive. It is always new and teaches you to think, develops strength, endurance, coordination and intelligence.
2. More exciting than tourism.
Instead of noisy cities, we relax in unique climbing corners of the world: actively and in good company.
3.In great company.
It's like home here: people train together, make friends... and sometimes they fall in love and get married :) Come, you won't get bored with us!

Our Benefits

The climbing wall is open to everyone. You can come at any convenient time and work out on your own.
Here you will learn how to climb boulders (short and difficult routes) and routes of difficulty on a high climbing wall, as well as how to work with insurance. The trainer will teach you how to climb technically, with the least physical effort. Classes are held with a coach according to the schedule in several groups: for children 6-10 years old and 11-16 years old. Classes are held both on a high climbing wall and on bouldering, according to the plan of the coach. A holiday at the climbing wall will give bright and unforgettable emotions. We have fun and actively spend time with friends - we climb, run and jump. Children are under the guidance of experienced instructors.



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